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Motherhood Project Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in joining Amanda Steinbacher Photography's Motherhood Project!

Over the last couple of years I've worked with a team of wonderful ladies of UPMC Susquehanna's Birthplace in photographing them feed their babies with a goal to normalize breastfeeding.  Last year we incorporated a momma that exclusively pumped!  However, this year there is a desire of growth and being more inclusive to other means of feeding our children.  That being said, this annual breastfeeding gathering is growing into what I am calling the Motherhood Project.  My hope is to showcase many ways we, as mothers, feed our children.  Normalizing not just breastfeeding but also putting an emphasis on how it's okay if you are unable.  You are still a strong woman and courageous mother and very devoted to providing nutrition to your child with whatever means necessary.

Below, you will see some questions to fill out regarding the upcoming Motherhood Project sessions.  This year we will be holding two separate sessions for the project so that we may include more mothers and their children.

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Motherhood Project Information

A signed Model Release is required in order to participate in this project. Please, check below if you are willing to sign a Model Release.

*This is simply a form that gives permission to Amanda Steinbacher Photography to share images online whether for portfolio purposes or for project sharing.

There will be two sessions. One being held in the Springtime and the other being held late summer/early fall. In the event of inclement weather, a makeup session will take place. Please select which season you would be interested in participating in.

*You may select both if desired.

I would love to include a diverse group of feeding types. These would include breastfed, exclusive/supplemental pumping, tube fed, formula/bottle fed. Please, tell me in the area below how you currently supply nutrition to your child(ren). The goal is to represent all various types in order to not only normalize them, but to show how strong and determined we are to do as much as we can as mothers to make sure our children are healthy.