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Maternity Photography

Being an expecting mother is an exciting time. You're always thinking about your little one that has yet to arrive. Dreaming about what they will look like and what they will grow up to be. Pregnancy flies by so quickly (even though those last few weeks seem to take forever). One way to freeze that moment in time is by having someone capture those moments when you are glowing and oh-so-excited for your little one to grace us with their presence. Maternity sessions with me are relaxing and fun. I supply a handful of beautiful and flowing gowns for you to wear (if you'd like) and you are always welcome to wear something of your own, too. I enjoy capturing the beauty and grace of pregnancy. Moments with your spouse to showcase your love and last moments of being a couple before becoming a family. Maternity photography sessions are mostly done outdoors at a park or field. If there is a location that speaks to you, by all means let's go there! Incorporating little details or favorites of mom and dad help to make your images unique to you are so very important.

Here are some images showcasing designer Maternity Gowns in my Client Closet: