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Alexandra | Williamsport, Pa. Family Photographer

On dreary days like these, there is nothing more fun than a little impromptu photo session with my 2 year old daughter. You would think that a child of someone that almost always has a camera in her hands would be a perfect model… Not this one! Allie does get excited when I have my camera gear out. Usually, you can hear her run from one end of the house to the other yelling “PICTURES” in her little toddler voice. As soon as I ask her to sit still for some photos her attention is immediately drawn to something else – I call it the “shiny object syndrome”.
It was funny – when I was trying to get her attention [I was saying the typical “Smile!” or “Say Cheese!”] she would reply “NO CHEESE!!!”. The little munchkin thinks I am telling her there is cheese somewhere and she keeps trying to tell me that there is “NO CHEESE!!!”. In the end of our very short session [about 5 minutes] I was able to capture this little gem. DSC_4752-Edit-2


  1. her little pouty lips are beautiful. i love how she is posing in this photo and the colors are perfect for a little girl.

    1. Author

      I completely agree! It’s on my canvas ordering list 😉

  2. I love this image of your daughter! Williamsport, PA families should all be looking to you for beautiful lifestyle images of their families when booking a family photographer!

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