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Danielle | Williamsport, PA Maternity Photography

Collaborative Maternity Session

For the last four months I have been organizing meet-ups in North Central Pennsylvania. During every meet-up a group of photographers get together to photograph models and afterwards grab a bite to eat. This month we photographed a lovely 35-week pregnant woman for our collaborative maternity session.
Everything seemed to come together perfectly for this collaborative session. One of the photographers supplied a white knit gown along with the floral crows which she makes! Another photographer supplied a gorgeous lace gown that was absolutely stunning on our model.
You’ll notice I included a shot of my camera bag… It’s actually one of the reasons all of us photographers gathered! We all have a love for the designer of these bags – The House of Flynn. All of us have one now! The company is starting to design more clothing and other accessories to make our photographer lives easier and essentially more fun.
Here are some of the images I captured during this awesome collaboration. I cannot wait to capture Danielle’s newborn session this month!

Williamsport PA Collaborative Maternity PhotographyWilliamsport, PA Collaborative Maternity PhotographyWilliamsport, PA Collaborative Maternity PhotographyWilliamsport, PA Collaborative Maternity PhotographyWilliamsport, PA Collaborative Maternity PhotographyWilliamsport, PA Collaborative Maternity PhotographyWilliamsport, PA Collaborative Maternity Photography

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  1. this collection is AMAZING! Woo hoo for HOF bags… and the amazing friends you meet through the company! I am glad all of you were able to get together in williamsport to do an awesome maternity photography session together!

  2. These maternity portraits are absolutely gorgeous! I love the ones of her in the city wearing that beautiful white dress. You did an amazing job capturing them!

  3. My goodness, these are stunning! What a beautiful couple <3 Williamsport, PA is lucky to have such a talented maternity photographer 🙂

  4. These are stunning! I love how creative your eye in photography is! Williamsport is beyond blessed to have you as a maternity photographer!

  5. What a gorgeous maternity session! I wish I lived closer to Williamsport, PA so I could have joined in! It looks so fun! You’re an amazing photographer, by the way! Love your work!

  6. Beautiful photos! Love the house of Flynn bag this looks like so much fun! Williamsport PA is so lucky to have you as their Newborn Photographer!

  7. This meet up looks amazing! And i LOVE your HOF Bag! Williamsport PA sure knows how to have a get together. And your work as a maternity photographer is beautiful!

  8. This is such a beautiful maternity session. Are you accepting new family photography clients in Williamsport?

  9. Such wonderful work! if i’m ever in Williamsport I’ll definitely get in touch 🙂 I’d love to do some sort of collab one day

  10. What beautiful maternity pictures! Williamsport, PA is lucky to have such a talented photographer!

  11. Oh wow! This looks like such a fun shoot! I love the fun detail shots of you HOF bag! Great work from a very talented Williamsport photographer!

  12. These are beautiful! I love the ones with all the beautiful lights! Williamsburg is so lucky to have your creative eye to capture maternity images!

  13. Love these! I also have a House of Flynn bag! Williamsport is lucky to have you as a newborn, maternity and wedding photographer!

  14. I’m in LOVE with this maternity session! I especially love the shots with those twinkly lights! I’m DEFINITELY calling you if I need a Williamsport, PA Maternity Photographer!

  15. Love this maternity session in Williamsport, PA When we visit I will call you for my session for sure!!!

  16. These maternity photos are seriously stunning. Your eye and talent is so clear when you look at your work, such an amazing Williamsport, PA Maternity Photographer you are!

  17. Where did you take these photos in Williamsport, PA? Love your maternity and newborn skills, great job!

    1. Author

      We captured these images in downtown Williamsport as well as along the loyalsock creek in Williamsport, PA! Great locations.

  18. I love that you used various locations for your maternity photography in Williamsport. You are easily the best maternity photographer in Pennsylvania!

  19. I am always amazed at the the photographs you produce!! Since photographing my family last year, you have definitely grown into one of the best photographers in Williamsport, PA!! I cannot decide if you’re newborns, family or maternity sessions are able to trump one over another, but they are all amazing. I also love that you got together a bunch of photographers to experience this Williamsport, PA maternity session! Not only were the locations great, but the outfits were gorgeous on her as well!

  20. Oh wow, I just commented on your amazing newborn photography and now I find out, that you are also a maternity photographer in Williamsport PA. Do you offer bundles?

  21. What a stunning collection!!! I too am a fan of collaborations, and that maternity photographers in Williamsport PA are a hugely talented bunch!

    If I’m ever in Williamsport PA and in need of a maternity photographer, you’re it!!!!

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