Milestone session one year basket pinks and soft white

Gracie | One Year Milestone

Milestone Session with Miss Gracie

Little Miss Gracie was one of my most favorite 1st Birthday Milestone sessions to date. She was a quiet little girl and as you can see, she makes the most cute facial expressions ever!!!

This Milestone session was simple and elegant. We used pink balloons from her 1st Birthday party (which was the day prior to the session) to add some depth and beauty to a simple setup. I just love how this entire session turned out. What I like to do for these milestones with children is to let their personalities show through. I have the parents play the game of “reset” by setting the child down or standing them in a particular spot and immediately backing out of the frame while I grab a few shots. This usually means that I am sitting or laying in an area while Moms and other assistants are chasing toddlers and “resetting” them. By doing this, I am getting those short little moments where the child is giggling from being picked up and set down or otherwise trying to run away! Always a good time for all.

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  1. Oh my goodness how sweet! I love your work! Such an adorable baby! Do you also do newborn photography? So cute!

  2. What a beautiful child! The balloons definitely add to the session! Williamsport, pa is lucky to have a photographer like you!

  3. This is such a cute session. I just crossed your page searching for a child photographer in the Williamsport PA area. I will contact you to get some more information about your child photography sessions.

  4. I’d love to pass along your info to my cousin in Williamsport PA who is searching for a new photographer for her children!

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