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Hanks Newborn Session

I was extremely excited for Hank’s newborn session to take place. I had specially ordered a felted antler headpiece and it arrived just in time for Hank’s session!
For this session, I also wanted to share with you more of my black and white edits. Of course, Hank’s final gallery included full-color sets but I am a sucker for this black and white – especially on little ones. With black and white edits, I feel as though I can create a more emotional piece of art by controlling the lights and darks more precisely. When you look at any image, usually the first think you notice is the brightest part and then your eye travels around the piece to different colors that jump out at you. With a black an white edit, you are drawn into that bright area and then tend to spend more time looking at it entirely. You may notice the tiniest little details in a black and white image when you wouldn’t necessarily pay as much attention to those details in a full-color image.
I completed Hank’s newborn gallery with a beautiful woodsy composite! I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into Hank’s newborn session gallery.

Williamsport PA Newborn PHotograherWilliamsport PA Newborn PHotograherWilliamsport PA Newborn PHotograherWilliamsport PA Newborn PHotograher

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