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Hannah | Williamsport, PA Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography is My Jam

For over a year I have been working very hard on perfecting my skills in Newborn Photography. I have, indeed, found my photography passion – capturing babies and children! It’s not always an easy task. Babies aren’t always on-board with being little models. Sometimes, newborn sessions can last a whole 3.5 hours! Granted, this includes breaks for feedings, diaper changes, and of course lots and lots of cuddles. The art of this type of newborn photography is not for everyone. It requires a lot of patience to be able to achieve results with those precious and squishy images of little ones. I’m not the best by any means, but I want to be. I want to be YOUR newborn photographer. I want to be able to capture those tiny little details of your little newborns so that you may treasure them for a lifetime. I want your little ones to have something tangible to reminisce about when they grow older and have little ones of their own.
This little one is so precious and I was so honored to have captured those little details for her family to treasure for a lifetime. Meet Hannah.

Williamsport, PA Newborn PhotographyWilliamsport, PA Newborn PhotographyWilliamsport, PA Newborn Photography

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  1. Newborn is your JAM indeed! Keep plucking along with it- it must be so rewarding to gift families with images as beautiful as these!! If I lived near Williamsport Pa I would want you as my newborn photographer!

  2. Newborn photography is definitely your jam! These are incredibly styled! Love your work. Sending a Williamsport pa Newborn and maternity photographer referral your way!

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