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The Heffelfingers | Williamsport, PA Family Photography

One of My Favorite Family Sessions!

“Children are happy because they don’t have a file in their minds called ‘All the Things That Could Go Wrong’.”

Marianne Williamson

Over the last couple of years since having children, I have learned that ‘Mommy Brain’ is indeed a thing. I have also learned that my anxiety level increases when my children are awake and active – even for children whom are not my own! This family photography session was full of so much fun while the kiddos ran around!

Meet the Heffelfinger Family.

Williamsport PA Premier Family PhotographerWilliamsport PA Premier Family PhotographerWilliamsport PA Premier Family Photographer


  1. What a gorgeous family! I have have friends in Williamsport, PA that is looking for a family photographer, I’m sending them your way!

  2. Amanda,
    You are such a gifted family photographer in the Williamsport,PA area. If I ever have any friends in that area that are looking for a family photographer I will send them your way!

  3. You are so talented. I live near Williamsport PA and have been looking for a Newborn Photographer- I am so glad to find you!

  4. These are all so beautiful! What a beautiful family and they are so darn lucky to have such a talented Family Photographer right in their back yard of Williamsport! I am glad to have found you! I have been looking for a family photographer!

  5. These are just the cutest Williamsport family photos! I love the flower in the older girl’s hair. How cute!

  6. What a great family session! You definitely have a great eye for family photography. When I visit Williamsport, I will be hiring you to do mine!

  7. I love these! We have family in Williamsport that we visit several times of year. I’ll be calling you to photograph a large family portrait for us for sure!

  8. You’re work is stunning! Williamsport PA is lucky to have such a talented family photographer!

  9. Your photography is simply stunning. I love the tones you create with your editing.

  10. What a gorgeous collection of images for this family. Williamsport looks like a gorgeous place for a family photographer to work <3

  11. How beautiful are these! You’re an amazing family photographer. I’d love to work with you! I live just outside of Williamsport. Will be contacting you very soon!

  12. ha, ha, ha! The one of the little girl with the stick!! Such a typical moment in childhood! I hope the folks in Williamsport PA are flocking to you for family photography!

  13. I am so glad I finally found a Williamsport PA Family Photographer. I am sending you a message now!

  14. I have a girlfriend looking for a family photographer in Williamsport, PA, so I’ll send her your way. Great work!

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