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Photographers Unite! | Portraits

Photographers Unite!

Another month means another day of like-minded creatives working together to achieve greatness (and good laughs). These Photographers unite because we enjoy each other’s company. These creatives gather to learn photography tips and tricks from one another. I am so very thankful to have met each and every one of them over the last year. It’s refreshing to be able to communicate with others that “get you” and can understand your lingo!

This month we gathered at the Pajama Factory in Williamsport, PA. There are so many interesting textures throughout this building making it such a great place for any type of photography session. On the second floor and a grand open area is where we made ourselves at home for our portrait session.

Working with other photographers allows each of us to observe how the others handle various things in our field. Off-Camera-Flash [commonly referred to as OCF] is something most struggle with. Justin Brown is kind of a big deal when it comes to OCF – seriously though, he is so well-versed and practiced with this equipment. I found myself listening to tips and tricks on lighting from Justin while observing Amy Brink as she effortlessly went through many different portraiture poses. Tasha Puckey is a thinker. She can approach a session having a multitude of ideas in her head and and strategically transitions to each of them while photographing her subject.

Below are a few of the images I captured of our day including some behind-the-scenes shots.

Photographers Unite Williamsport Pajama Factory

Tasha Puckey

Photographers Unite Black and White Portraits Off Camera Flash

Justin Orlando Brown

Photographers Unite Williamsport Pajama Factory  Chair old glass windows

Amy Brink

Photographers Unite Williamsport Pajama Factory Behind the scenes old building textures

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  1. It’s so cool that you and the other Williamsport, Pennsylvania photographers get together and do this.

  2. What a lucky group of creatives- photographers in the Williamsport area are so blessed to have such a welcoming group in their part of PA. I love the photos of each person- well done!

  3. Williamsport PA looks like a great place to be a photographer! And your images are GORGEOUS!!!

  4. I love all the texture in these photos! I definitely want to visit Williamsport, PA! I have never been, but we will be closeby this summer. Such a great group of photographers!

  5. I love photographer meet-ups/ shootouts. I’m so glad you got to do that in Williamsport, PA.

  6. Williamsport, PA certainly has a great group of photographers; love it when people can collaborate together!

  7. I love when there are meet ups of creatives. This photographer meet up in Williamsport, PA looks very successful

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