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YAY!  A little one is on the way!  You may be thinking about having a Maternity Photo session capturing your baby bump along with those moments before adding a baby to your growing family... but when is the best time to schedule a Maternity Session?

Scheduling a Maternity Session can be a bit of a guessing game with the uncertainties of when the baby will arrive and how you'll be feeling weeks down the road.  Below, I will try to answer some questions that may be helpful to you when planning your Maternity Session.

So...when is the best time to schedule a Maternity Session?

I recommend scheduling Maternity Sessions between 32 and 36 weeks.

I have found over the years that sometime between 32 and 36 weeks is a great time for maternity photos.  By then, you're in the third trimester, your belly is pretty much all baby yet it's before those final weeks when you may feel ready to pop. With that in mind, I understand that every expecting mother is different and there really aren't any rules taking those photos outside of this time frame.  Ultimately, it's up to the client and how they are feeling.

newborn photography williamsport pa
The goal of a Maternity Session for me is to capture your beautiful pregnant self.  By aiming for a date within the 32 to 36 weeks, we are able to celebrate your gorgeous glowing self and that baby bump of yours.  This time period is usually when you're feeling pretty great and not necessarily worried about going into labor.  I am also wanting to ensure that you're able to move around comfortably and safely.  I photograph Maternity Sessions outdoors so your physical comfort and safety are very important to me.

Newborn Lifestyle Photography Williamsport PA

When is the best time to book a Maternity Session with ASPhoto?

The best time to reach out to me to get a Maternity Session scheduled is the beginning of your second trimester.  This is also a great time to schedule a Newborn Session or Milestone Bundled Collection with me too!  Milestone Collections are a la carte bundles where you choose which milestones you'd like to have scheduled - and there's savings involved.  If you're looking to have a Maternity Session and Newborn Session but not sure about any others just yet, no worries!  I offer a $50 savings on a Maternity Session when coupled with a newborn session whether a Full or Mini.

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