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Surprise Engagement!

Surprise Engagement | Williamsport Wedding Photographer

I’ll never forget that phone call from Matt asking if I was available the next day for a surprise engagement session. It was great – and luckily I was able to squeeze him in that afternoon. It was a gorgeous Saturday morning up Pine Creek. I arrived early, parked my car in a hidden alcove on the opposite side of the house and greeted both Matt and Laura’s parents whom were waiting excitedly down by the creek. Laura’s sister played a big role as she was tasked with holding up the “Will You Marry Me?” sign. There were beautiful red roses, bottles of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and a popcorn maker – Laura loves popcorn and so Matt’s parents gifted them one as an engagement present. We were unsure if when Matt and Laura arrived they would go through the house or along side the house in the yard to get back to a small get together (as Laura was told). As Matt pulled into the drive, he “accidentally” beeped the horn so that all of us were aware of their arrival. Then we waited. Impatiently. Excitedly. Just then, both of them came out from the back door of the house and walked down to where Laura’s sister sat with the sign. Pure shock! Matt knelt down, sharing his loving words with Laura and then finally asked, “Will You Marry Me?”. “YES!”, Laura replied as she held her shaking hands over her mouth. They hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed. It was wonderful. Emotional. Beautiful. I was so thrilled to be able to capture this special moment for Matt and Laura.
After spending some time with family, Matt, Laura and I stepped away to take some engagement portraits.
Congratulations Matt + Laura on your engagement!

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  1. Oh I love surprise engagements! This is so perfect and you can just see the excitement on her face! I have to say anyone who is going to propose anytime soon in Williamsport, PA will book you as their photographer to capture this special moment!

  2. OH my goodness! Looks like the weather in Williamsport PA was great too! Surprise engagements are so fun to capture and you did a wonderful job. I hope they booked you as their wedding photographer as well!

  3. Wow what a beautiful location! Williamsport, PA must be a wonderful place for surprise engagement photography. <3 Congratulations to the happy couple!

  4. Oh I wish that I had a photographer at the park when my husband and I got engaged 14 years ago!! This Williamsport PA couple must be so thrilled to have you as their photographer

  5. Surprise engagements are so wonderful! I love how you get to know them as their photographer. Williamsport is lucky to have someone so personable in the area!

  6. Oh my goodness how fun!! This Williamsport couple was lucky to have you as their photographer!

  7. What a lucky couple to have had you for their surprise engagement photography! Will you be photographing their wedding in Williamsport as well?

  8. How awesome to be an engagement photographer and get to be apart of the surprise! Do you do this often in Williamsport PA?

  9. This is such a happy surprise! I love that the entire family was involved in their engagement! Williamsport PA is so lucky to have such a talented local photographer!

  10. What a wonderful surprise, for her, and how lucky for them that you were in Williamsport PA and could be their photographer. That detail shot of the ring is more beautiful than words can describe.

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