Cake Smash first birthday

Cake Smash for a 1st Birthday

Cake Smash Fun!

If you’ve ever thought about having a Cake Smash session for your child, just do it! It’s super fun and can make for some really fun memories captured. For these sessions, I start out by photographing your child working with milestones they have reached; walking, cruising, clapping, waving, etc. After that is all done, we get the cake ready!! This is the fun part. While you’re prepping your child for the cake (changing their clothes) I am getting the cake area set up. Then we plop your child beside the cake and encourage them to try it! Some 1-year olds stick their face directly into the cake and others will pick at it daintily.

If you’re thinking about getting photos done for your child’s one year milestone, reach out! I’d love to chat and make your session custom to you.

Cake Smash thunder grey blue and greenCake Smash hat blue green greyCake Smash Wood backdrop paneling blue green bannercake smash black and white 1st birthday Cake smash first birthday little details blue greenCake smash first birthday little details blue green icing

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  1. What a cutie!! I love his hat! Were you his newborn photographer too? Do you ever travel outside of Williamsport, PA for these sessions?

  2. What an adorable cake smash session! I love the colors they chose. Were you his newborn photographer too? It’s so much fun to see them grow. My cousin is in Williamsport, PA- I will send her your way.

  3. Haha that last photo is SO CUTE. I’ll tell my friends in Williamsburg, PA to look you up for cake smash photography!

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