what to wear williamsport pa family newborn photographer

5 Tips – What to wear to your photo shoot?

what to wear williamsport pa family newborn photographer

What to Wear Guide for Clients and Photographers

When working with clients on putting together their photography session, one of the common questions is “What do I wear?”. The answer to this question varies depending on the type of session and what the end-result will be used for. While there are so many different scenarios, I figured it may be helpful to put together a few general tips we photographers tend to follow.


what to wear light and airy outdoor photography williamsport pa

Make sure you are familiar with your photo session location. You will want your outfits to work with your surroundings. Once you know your location, then you can start working on piecing together your outfits! I wouldn’t want you to show up to a state park in the woods wearing stilettos! Essentially, you want your outfits to be comfortable-looking with the location. You want them to make sense together.

Let Your Personality Shine!

what to wear warm and fun patterns outdoor photography williamsport pa

Not only do I want you to look comfortable in the location, I want you to feel comfortable, too! You are not going to fall in love with images of yourself wearing bright florals when you are the gal that normally wears dark navy and black. Be you!!! Stay true to yourself and your family when making wardrobe choices. Let your personalities show through when making color and pattern choices.

Colors and Patterns

what to wear cool and relaxed patterns outdoor photography williamsport pa

The creative in me likes to start off with a color palette (don’t make fun) when putting things together. For clothing, a fun way to pick a palette is to find a patterned piece that one family member would wear and coordinate everyone else’s colors around those that are in the patterned piece. For example: Mom is wearing a floral dress with pinks, corals, and a little teal. Dad could wear a neutral taupe button up, child one could wear a cute layered coral top with a white cardigan and child two could be wearing a teal sweater or top.
If you’re going for that light and airy feel for a dreamy Spring or Summer photo session, make sure you pick lighter colors for your palette. If you are looking for those rich and warm colors for fall or winter, you’d want to look at deep purples, and mustard yellows. Patterns and colors can really bring your photos together and make you and your family pop against your backdrop (location).

Matching is out, Coordinating is in.

what to wear accessories williamsport pa family photography

Photos where everyone in the family is wearing the same tops or entire outfits may have been trendy in the 90s, but we’ve moved on from there. Coordinating colors and outfits without being too matchy-matchy is where it’s at! Though, sometimes having young children in almost matching outfits is super adorable! Similar patterns but different colors can work too!


what to wear accessories williamsport pa family photography
“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” Michael Kors

This is the fun part! Now that everyone has an outfit, it’s time to add a little or a lot of glam to give that finished look. Whether it’s jewelry, a hat, cardigans, belts, scarves, boots over jeans, or fun textures. Any of these things can help add to your finished look all while showing off some of your personality! These little details can make your photos more interesting.

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